Dry Ends and Greasy Roots – Combination Hair

dry ends greasy roots

There’s lots of information out there about combination skin, but combination hair… not so much!

If you have greasy roots, oily roots and dry ends (which probably tangle easily and frizz up), then read on to work out how to rebalance your hair and scalp.

How Do I know If I Have Dry Ends and Greasy Roots?

You probably have to wash 3+ times a week, or your hair will get too greasy. You’ll find that dry shampoo is your best friend, although if you’re using something that contains talc, it may clog your roots up and only buy you a day of non-greasy roots.

Products designed for the dryness and frizz will be too heavy for your scalp, leading to oily roots again.

Use a Dry Shampoo That Cleanses

Choose a dry shampoo without talc (and hopefully without butane) to extend your wash.


Shampoo choices should be strategic – you can use masques etc for your length, but you need to get the balance right up top.

Choose a shampoo suited to your scalp and roots, not your lengths. Revive shampoo is my go-to for oily scalps; it sorted mine out (even when my scalp was dry too – who even knew that was a thing?!) and is weightless enough to not weigh fine hair down.

Avoid any shampoos with sufates – so anything with SLS, SLES etc. They will strip the scalp and prompt it to produce even more sebum.


Hair Oils are an excellent way to strengthen and get nutrients into the ends of your hair. Rejuveniqe (I literally have been spelling that wrong for months!) has 2, a normal one and a light version.

Use these on the lengths of dry hair overnight, and rinse out in the morning.

The LOC method can also be excellent for dry ends. LOC stands for liquid, Oil, Cream.

The idea is that you wet the hair, apply an oil treatment and then use a hair cream or leave-in conditioner. Leave this overnight and then was as normal to kick-start the recovery process.

Finally, you need to use a masque treatment every 2-3 weeks to strengthen the hair. Adding keratin at this stage would literally just be adding stuff, you would not be strengthening the inside of your hair at all.

Why Does Combination Hair Happen?

Generally speaking, it’s a combination (Hahaha, geddit?!) of chemical damage from dyeing or heat (to the length of the hair), mixed with a slight imbalance on the scalp.

Alkaline shampoos (like no-more tears formulations), can cause quite a big scalp imbalance and will prompt the scalp to produce more sebum.

Add to that the fact that the lengths of the hair are older and have normally sustained more damage, you end up with a mix of needs on one head of hair.

Lucky for you though that I’m here!!!

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Dry ends and greasy roots
Article Name
Dry ends and greasy roots
Dry ends and greasy roots is a common problem. Learn how to fix combination hair and get rid of dry, frizzy ends and oily roots.

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