How to Tame Frizz

Frizz is a massive issue!! According to a recent study (which, erm I now can’t find anywhere), frizzy hair is actually our most annoying problem. So I am here to help you fix the frizz, tell you the causes of frizz and work out how to avoid frizzy hair in the future

It’s an absolute nightmare at times. Your hair gets frizzy when the outside layer of the strand is damaged. Moisture from the air can then penetrate the inside of your hair, making it swell up and become frizzy.

Our normal remedies are to treat the hair with silicones – most of which are cheap, mass-produced products which just coat the hair and give the impression of smoothness.

Long-term, this will just cause MORE FRIZZ! Silicones on damaged hair will get inside the hair strand and cause breakage ?

Check your serums and conditioners for ingredients – this graphic will help!! 

Tame frizzy hair

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy hair happens when the outside layer of your hair (known as the cuticle) raises up, allowing anything environmental (like moisture in the air), or topical (like serums and products) to enter the hair cortex directly.

Once inside the hair, these substances will cause the hair strand to swell. In the case of humidity, just going into a dryer climate will sort this out, but in the case of hair products, some of these will stay inside the hair, causing damage long-term.

Open/raised cuticles are caused by a few things, but the main culprits are:

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Fix the frizz

Your first step in fixing the frizz is to ensure that your cuticles are as flat/closed as possible. You’ll need to give your hair a bit of TLC, a masque and possibly skip the colouring for a while

If your raised cuticles are caused by nature, then you should look at the LOC method of treating your hair. It’s really simple – wet your hair (Liquid); apply a natural hair oil (Oil); and then use a cream or leave-in conditioner (Cream).

You can wash this off in the morning if you wish, or if you hair is super-dry then this will leave it glossy and moisturised the next day.

Products for Frizzy Hair

Be VERY careful and check your ingredients. You MUST avoid insoluble silicones. They are the very common ones in most ‘smoothing’ hair products.

With raised cuticles, they will penetrate the hair shaft and cause breakage to the hair over time. This will cause more frizz and product build-up over time,

Ideally you need products based on natural ingredients, essential oils and free of sulfates and silicones.

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How to tame frizz - learn how to tame your frizz, what causes frizz and frizzy hair and which products will help.

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