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I've blogged about how much you can earn with Monat here and also the Monat Emerging Founders Pool in the US.

In reality though, you need to know whether or not the Monat opportunity is right for you, because it isn't for everyone.

Instant riches? No. Easy as pie? No. Difficult? No.

Build your own business? Yes.

Amazing team? Yes.

Wonderful (absolutely non-bitchy) women? Yes.

Kick ass role models and mentors who make everything doable? Yes.

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Monat market parter and Monat vipHi, I'm Nic!
I'm a professional Boudoir Photographer in Manchester, Network Marketer and 'Digital Fixer'.

It's my mission to be completely open and honest about the Monat Opportunity, the products and the business.

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