Today, 30th June 2019, is the LAST day you can join Monat in the US and earn 3 shares in the company.

I’ve blogged about the Emerging Founders Pool before here, but just a reminder! If you’re looking for a sign this is IT!!

Monat had a turnover of $435 MILLION in 2018.

You would be CRAZY to miss this!!!

Who is eligible to become a Monat Founder?

Any existing Market Partner in the USA or Canada, or any new Market Partner joining Monat before 31st December 2019.

How can I qualify for the Emerging Founders Pool?

Market Partners in the U.S. and Canada will qualify for the Pool and receive shares based on (a) their enrollment date and (b) achievement of the rank of Market Mentor or above as shown in the charts below.
Market Partners must be paid-as Market Mentor in the last month of each quarter in order to receive their payout for that quarter.

How can I become a Monat Founder if I joined before April 2019?

Existing Marketing Partners who enrolled prior to April 1, 2019 can earn shares in the Emerging Founders Pool based on their career rank as of March 31, 2019, as follows:

Monat Founder

Can I Earn Shares in Monat If I Join After Today?

Earn Shares in Monat

Yes!! You need to follow these steps:

  1. Join Monat as a Market Partner with a Product Pack. 
  2. Contact me straight away and we’ll start planning your career
  3. Build your sales and your team by using the training I and my upline provide, using solid business strategies and focusing on customer care.
  4. Reach the rank of Market Mentor with 12 months of your joining date.

You’ll then earn the number of shares which correspond to your joining date, shown above.

Find out more about joining my Monat team here.

Make money with Monat

We’re an international team, a friendly bunch and we’re all in this together.
Some of us are in it for Monat Founders, some of us just want some extra grocery money, but we all achieve, we all support and we all care.
Find out more here (no pressure, just honesty and some wisdom from my team)

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