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Hairdressers and stylists are amazingly hard working people… 8 hours + on their feet all day, listening to us grockles moan and whinge about everything, keeping up the happy chatter and often working unsociable hours to meet their clients’ needs.

Here’s  shout-out to them!

As much as I love my stylist friends though, there’s one thing they’re lacking…

They don’t make enough money.

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1. Get it right on social media

Maybe some random salon coach person told 6 people to post before and afters on IG and it was copied by everyone… but you know what?!

Those before and afters aren’t for your clients.

They’re for YOU.

Yes, they show your beautiful creations, but that is what people expect from a professional stylist. You know what they don’t expect???

If you want new clients from IG, FB or any other social media platform, you have to show them something they HAVEN’T seen before.

Teach them something new, show them how you do a curly blow,
show them your most popular updo. It’s not as hard as it sounds; prop your phone up, set it to record a video, do that thing you’re doing anyway (eg curly blow, updo etc), use an app to speed it up and post it on social media.
You can even put funky music to it if you wish.

Show me hairdressers who are doing that??!

I once shot a video showing how I curl my hair with a sock. No kidding.

It’s had over 1500 views on Pinterest of all places.


Everyone I knew when I was little wanted to be a hairdresser at some point in their lives…. and you ARE one!

If you’re not capitalising on this, you’re missing a trick.

It can be IGTV, sped up videos on social media, even in-salon events, but if you’re not helping your clients, then they are NOT helping you.

Think; 10 updos for bridesmaids in 20 mins; 10 updos you can do yourself in 30 mins; how to get great curls at home for a night out; how to get volume for a night out…

This will not hurt your business; the people who want to do their own updos/curls/colour are not going to start doing them themselves everyday…

Don’t worry; they’re not all going to start charging people for curly blows and updos.
They’re just not. But they do love your expertise, and they admire it.

2. Solve their problems

Clients admire your expertise, but they know if you’re trying to sell them something. Not only that, but why bother selling them a shampoo they can online for the same price?!
I genuinely believe this is why the salon retail industry in this country has gone to pot.

The Big Boys aren’t listening to salons, and clients aren’t listening to salons.


So, this is what we need to do:

DON’T tell your client they have split ends; show them how to reduce them.

DON’T tell them that their hair is breaking because of bleaching; show them how to colour safely and limit the damage.

Show your clients how to blow dry their hair the way you do.

Don’t be scared of showing your clients your secrets; they are NOT going to start up as hairdressers and take your business! They’re going to love you and rave about you!

Recommend products that you use – whether you sell them or not.

If they can get the products on amazon, become an amazon associate. Takes a few minutes and you’ll get some cash.

Consider the products you’re using; look at the labels – dimethicone? Non-soluble silicones?

Tell them  why those products aren’t good for their hair!

3. Treat your business like a business

Here’s some tough love, but some of the best business advice I have ever heard; not everyone is your client.

Just because they have hair does not make every single person your ideal client.

Who do you want to work with? People who come back time after time, always book their next appointment right away, buy products from you, give you shout-outs on social media and recommend their friends? or maybe people who cut coupons out, are never satisfied and will hop from one £15 haircut to another???

Your ideal client is very personal, but it’s likely to be someone who cares about their hair and will spend money on maintaining it.

They might be young, they might just come in for updos, or they may get the whole she-bang.

It is entirely up to you.

You are running a business, and never apologise for that. Do teachers apologise when they get paid?! Do waiters??

Here’s a bit of a mini-list to help out:

  1. Walk them to the counter on their way out and get them to pencil in their next appointment
  2. Send text reminders to avoid missed appointments
  3. Follow-up with new clients or with those who tried something new via text
  4. Recommend products and follow up with them via text
  5. Become the expert of their hair! Know what they like and what they need
  6. Make sure your salon is registered on Google My Business
  7. Use the right hashtags on your IG
  8. Find a product you LOVE and can make money from
  9. Have a growth plan and income strategy for your next 5 years
  10. Don’t forget to raise your prices when you need to
Make more money in your salon

4. Realise that for some clients, a trip to the salon can be like a trip to the dentist’s…

I’m sorry! I love you, but for some people it’s true…

How many times have you heard a client (probably a one-off client you’ll never see again) say, ‘the last time I had my hair cut they messed it up‘ or ‘I can’t be bothered with my hair‘.

Do you know what that’s about?

It’s about self-belief, self-esteem and a really big belief that they don’t know how to look after their hair.


Cue, haircare professional with years of experience!

All you have to do with them is love on them… show them products that will help their hair and explain why – you’re not selling these products, you’re educating them.

Show them why their scalp is dry and flaky, why their ends get all tangled and which ingredients they should avoid.

I am not shitting you, they will love you forever.

5. Uplevel…

I touched on this before, but if you want to get out from behind the chair and have more freedom, you need a second income stream.

Consider ways in which you could make money doing what you already do. It could selling products, it could be selling online courses in business. There are loads of things, but don’t do all the things!

Another mini-list to go off:

  1. Start an enthusiast’s academy – showcase updos and give them how-tos (either online or in your salon)
  2. Create a haircare guide for customers and use it to build an email list
  3. Identify your ideal client (guide coming soon!) and market directly to them
  4. Teach new salon owners business essentials (online course, free to make!)
  5. Become the expert of ONE THING that you know other professionals struggle with, and create the solution for them
  6. Offer ‘advanced training’ or ‘masterclasses’ to new professionals in your area. You could run a course for £35 a head for example, have 12 people there and make something extra for one evening a week.
  7. Build a professional website and email list to enable automatic marketing down the road

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