My First Event!

I am so excited to be hosting my first event – a Meet Monat in my women’s group on Facebook this Friday 24 May 2019 at 8pm BST. I’m going to be talking honestly and frankly about Monat haircare as a brand, a business and a movement. I’ll also be talking hair – advice and guidance about ingredients from my own experiences and learning over the last few months,Monat haircare

Meet Monat Haircare

What is Monat? This history, info and growth of the brand to become the number 1 selling haircare brand in the USA.

What are the ingredients? What does it do to your hair? Why do people become obsessed?!

How can it help? How can you try it and why should you?

Meet Monat VIP

I’ll explain what the Monat VIP programme is, and the other ways you can buy Monat in the UK as well as USA and Canada.

Meet Monat Gratitude

I’m so excited to talk about Monat Gratitude, which is a part of the business that I have really been surprised at, and what it means to those it helps.

Meet Monat Business

Of course, Monat is also a business.

I’ll discuss my business, the thoughts and perceptions of direct sales and some incredible statistics.

Not to forget the incredible Monat Emerging Founders Pool, which sets this company apart from everyone else.

How much can you earn with Monat has been discussed in a recent blogpost, but I’ll run through how you get paid and how it is possible to build an income without having to build a team.

I’m not an MLM girl; I’m a businesswoman and I promise to always give you the absolute truth with integrity and no sugar coating.

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Make money with Monat

We’re an international team, a friendly bunch and we’re all in this together.
Some of us are in it for Monat Founders, some of us just want some extra grocery money, but we all achieve, we all support and we all care.
Find out more here (no pressure, just honesty and some wisdom from my team)

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