Monat Before and After

We say no to...

NO Parabens


NO Cyclic Silicones



NO Phthalates

NO Phenoxyethanol

NO Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, or Paraffin Wax

NO Triclosan

NO Plastic Microbeads

NO Formaldehyde Releasers

Will I Get Results With Monat?

As long as you use the products as directed (blogpost coming up on that one soon!), and they are the right products for you (hint – hair quiz!), then you should see an improvement in your hair.

Let’s be realistic, this is just shampoo.

It’s fricking amazing shampoo, but it’s just haircare.

If you’re using it with a bunch of silicones and still using crazy heat on it, then your Monat results will be limited.

Monat improves the health of your hair by avoiding sulfates, silicones and harsh, toxic ingredients. That means that if you’ve been addicted to these products for a while (and I was!), then results will take a while.

Not only that, but you’ll be removing more and more build up each time you wash (and not replacing it with plastic). After a few weeks, you’ll see the true state of your hair. This may not be glorious (mine was NOT!).

Why Would I bother? Isn't Monat expensive?!

I hear you, you can get a bottle of shampoo for $10/£10 and it still washes your hair, right?! 

Oh, and let’s not forget that you can now get ‘professional’ brands in the supermarket…

What about that colour that keeps fading? The frizz that just won’t go away? Why doesn’t it do the same thing that at the salon???

The natural state of our hair is to be shiny and manageable. Without a load of outdated ingredients developed in the 50s!

Why Wouldn’t You?

We shop around for skincare – there’s some stuff that we just won’t put on our face, or into our bodies, but for our hair? We’ve never bothered.

For the sake of switching shampoo and becoming a bit more savvy about ingredients, I actually have hair the people complement me on!

Oh, and it’s ethical, eco-watsit so I can feel all smug about myself for not killing little bunnies too.

Monat before and after
Monat before and after

“My hair just feels lighter somehow... like it's not weighed down by anything”

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