No Inventory, No Stock, No Toxic Ingredients.

No Brainer.

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Given up on generating a second income stream because your clients get their 'professional' products from Tesco?

Take heart, there is a way to share your professional knowledge and still make money by helping your clients.

I just give them the Amazon link and they can buy it themselves

Jane Doe

Tried it, but still had products left over from Christmas in March; they just didn't shift...

(Another) Jane Doe
-Percentage of customers actually buying their haircare products from me has increased from about 10% to at least 75%. -I no longer have to leave money sitting on a shelf full of inventory that may or may not sell before it expires since Monat will ship directly to my customers for me. -My retail sales for all product including bows, jewelry, brushes etc were $20,000 in 2014. The first 6 weeks of 2015 carrying Monat in my salon, I sold $10,000 worth of Monat! Some of that was in referring other stylist friends, but now I get commissions for that too and never before did RDA or Armstrong do that. -Also 6 weeks in was when my customers started coming back for their appointments after using it for 6 weeks. They all had amazing results, some of them in tears over what it had done for them. Their hair was fuller, shinier, longer, less frizzy...their colors hadn't faded as usual, some of their scalp problems had vanished, and 6 of them actually brought their Monat in with them just in case I wasn't planning on using it on them at the back bar. -By the third month carrying Monat in my salon my monthly income DOUBLED. Half of it was Monat commissions.
Breila Wehrmann
Hair Stylist and Monat Founder
If you want to be able to use your professionalism to your advantage, then Monat is for you.
The first and only direct sales haircare company in the world, Monat is a luxury and vegan-friendly haircare line which is a ‘disruptor‘ and is revolutionising the haircare industry.
No longer will the big boys buy up the best small brands, water them down and sell them on, cutting out YOUR commission and income potential.
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No Inventory or quotas

Clients order directly through your replicated website, no need to carry inventory or stock – ever. No minimums, no requirement to sell monthly or annually.

sell monat

30 day money back guarantee

For both YOU and your clients – no questions asked.

Easy returns policy and you can cancel at any time.





sell monat


Clinically tested and proven products, with a full range of awards to boot.


how does it work?

It’s really simple:

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