Monat Business

I’ve blogged about how much you can earn with Monat here and also the Monat Emerging Founders Pool in the US.

In reality though, you need to know whether or not the Monat opportunity is right for you, because it isn’t for everyone.

Instant riches? No. 

Easy as pie? No. 

Difficult? No.

Build your own business? Yes

Amazing team? Yes

Wonderful (absolutely non-bitchy) women? Yes

Monat Business -
how it works when you start

1. You sign up as a Monat Market Partner.

This costs from $99 or £99, but the bigger your investment, the bigger the savings.

Market Partners can purchase a bundle of full-sized products for massive savings.

UK Market Partners can either start with the £99 sample pack and then upgrade to a product pack within 30 days (not compulsory), or buy a product pack straight away for £199.

2. We connect

We will have a strategy call where we look at your plans and how you want to run your business, I’ll answer any and all questions that you have and explain everything. 

Don’t want to social media? No problem! Have crazy big goals?! Great! Just need to cover one bill a month? Let’s do it!

3. Launch

Launching your business is sooooo important. Grab some of your mates who you know would be great at social sharing, have amazing hair (or want it!), are influencers in their own community and see which ones want to walk this journey with you! Having friends work your business with you makes it so much fun and so much easier

4. Share and set goals

Don’t keep Monat a secret!! 

Tell people what you’re doing and why

Monat Business -
how it works Day to Day

1. Types of clients

You’ll have both Retail and VIP clients through Monat. 

The Monat VIP programme gives our members lots of benefits, and you’ll need to check in with them every month and let them know about their free product with their flexship order (if they choose to get one this month) and also to find out how they’re doing and answer any questions. It’s also worth reminding them that they can upgrade to a Market Partner anytime they want.

Retail clients won’t get a free product, but they’ll still get Purchase Plus, and can upgrade at any time.

2. Events

Events are a great way to help people to explore the products and benefits of Monat. They don’t have to be a big, formal affair; Monat Leader Sarah Hill used to hold a Meet Monat event every week in her local coffee shop. If no-one showed, she’d simply do her day to day activities anyway. Needless to say, they showed!

3. Social Media

 If you’re confident on social media, it can be one of the best ways to grow your business. 

The best Monat influencers are sharers, not sellers. In fact you’ll find that in the best teams the emphasis is always on problem solving and helping people, not selling.

Monat Business -
Your Responsibilities

1. Are there any quotas with Monat? How much do you have to sell with Monat?

There are no quotas with Monat. 

You do not have to sell or buy any products except for when you first enrol.

2. What do I have to do as a Monat Market Partner?

There’s nothing that you have to do, but you should be available to your clients. Be nice, friendly and helpful. Focus on serving and solving, not selling.

You represent both the brand and the direct selling industry – getting into peoples’ faces, inboxes, and generally not being professional really discredits everyone.

Likewise, unethical ‘recruitment’ processes and being dishonest – not the way to build your business (and FYI, you’ll get booted out of many teams for that, mine included).

3. How do I earn money with Monat?

I’ve covered this in detail over in my blogpost – Monat Money, but essentially you will earn 15% on all VIP customer sales, and 30% on all retail sales.

If you want to build your team, then you will also earn money from your downline, provided that you have a minimum of 200 personal volume (equivalent to around £120 or $150 retail prices) that month.

The full Monat Compensation Plan is here.

In addition, there are incentives, bonuses and extra gifts to get you going.

4. Anything else I should know?

Well if you’re new to direct sales, (as I was), then it’s worth remembering that at the start of the month, everyone starts back at 0 – regardless of where you were before. 

Ranks, sales and volume are all reset.