How Much Money Can I Earn With Monat?

You know that I was so irritated with the misinformation out there about earning money with Monat, that I went on a huge rant about it!! (I also created a pdf about how much you can earn with Monat and a video of the blogpost too, but that’s another story!!)

I realised that there is often so much mystery surrounding the earnings from Direct Sales, (mainly because everyone’s earnings are so different) and I wanted to be more transparent, as is my way.

Behold, the Monat earnings calculator!

How to use the Monat earnings calculator

Monat Earnings Calculator Omni
  1. Add Retail price of product in top box
  2. To calculate your commission on retail sales, enter 30% as your commission rate
  3. To calculate commission on VIP sales, enter 15% – but remember the minimum order for a VIP flexship is £60 ($84) so that is likely to be their order amount
  4. Your commission will appear in the answer box.

Questions about Monat Earnings

When do I get paid from Monat?

Monat Market Partners get paid 5 times a month – weekly on a Friday for sales commissions, and monthly on 15th of the month for bonuses.

What bonuses are available to Monat Market Partners?

Market Partners earn bonuses primarily when they rank up. That is to say, when new people join their teams and when those new Market Partners rank up themselves.

What do I have to pay to be a Market Partner?

Besides your initial investment (from $199 or £99), there is an annual renewal fee of £18. Other than that, there are no fees for being a Market Partner

What is the minimum I have to sell every month?

There is no minimum requirement.

If you have a downline however, then you need to have 200pv (about £120/$200) of personal volume sales to earn bonuses and commissions from them.

Monat Market Partners earn 30% on retail sales and 15% on VIP sales regardless of their personal volume.

Where can I find out more?

You can connect with me by email here, or find me on facebook


Earning Money with a Downline

Earn money with Monat

If you have a downline (ie people who have joined your team under you), then you will earn a percentage of their sales if you have 200pv.

It’s done this way to stop people from recruiting others into their team and not actively working their own businesses.

The percentages change as you ‘rank’ up (ie build a bigger team under you).

However it’s important to note that you can still earn money with Monat without growing a team.

Why are there 2 rates of commission?

The two rates of commission relate to the different ways that you can buy Monat.

Retail purchases are just that – one-off purchases made through your Monat website. They are shipped directly to the customer and Market Partners earn 30% on these sales.

VIP sales are made buy preferred customers. Monat is pretty unique in that its VIP programme gives amazing benefits to clients. VIP customers can purchase at any time, through their own website. They receive a 15% discount and Market Partners earn a 15% commission on these sales.

Find out more about joining my Monat UK team here.

Make money with Monat

We’re an international team, a friendly bunch and we’re all in this together.
Some of us are in it for Monat Founders, some of us just want some extra grocery money, but we all achieve, we all support and we all care.
Find out more here (no pressure, just honesty and some wisdom from my team)

Monat market parter and Monat vipHi, I’m Nic!
I’m a professional Boudoir Photographer in Manchester, Network Marketer and ‘Digital Fixer’.

It’s my mission to be completely open and honest about the Monat Opportunity, the products and the business.

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