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Monat FAQs

Monat FAQs – 

Got questions about Monat, the products or the business?

Look no further….

If Monat is so amazing, then why isn't it in the wholesalers?

If you’ve not noticed by now, Monat is something of an industry disruptor. 

Think Apple, Netflix etc. If this product was on the open market, there’s a huge risk that it would be taken over by one of the monopolies. 

Think Pureology, Living Proof, Aveda – all exceptional products taken over by the big boys.

By insisting on the direct sales method, Monat retains control over ingredients and the integrity of its products. 

Let’s also not forget that it makes excellent business sense too.

Monat hair products

Isn't this an MLM?

Technically Monat is under the MLM or direct sales model. 

However, there is a big difference between hawking tupperware at everyone you see and actually creating a second income from something that you’re passionate about.

Have a look around my site – this ain’t yo’ momma’s MLM!

How much does it cost to join?

You’re in for £99, which includes a complete sample pack and a replicated website with full ordering facilities. You can pay £199, which includes some full-sized products as well.

If you go for the £99 option, after 7 days you can upgrade to a product pack at a huge discount.

Don’t forget that all of this is business expenses.

That said, there’s absolutely no obligation to pay any more than £99.

Monat faqs

How much do I have to sell?

There are no quotas. I’ve heard that in other MLMs there is a point at which you become ‘inactive’. This doesn’t really happen with Monat.

No quotas, no minimums.

Why haven't I heard of Monat?

It only launched in the UK in 2017, and even in the USA it’s still pretty new.

You won’t find any high budget, hair-swishing TV adverts. Just a few awards and some magazine mentions.

Monat before and after

How much do I have to stock?

Nothing, or everything! It’s completely up to you. Some stylists prefer to keep some product on hand to lend out to clients, and also to use in their back bar, but if you’re mobile then samples will probably work better for you.

You don’t need to stock any products to earn from them.


Monat faqs

Do I need to get my staff/employees on board?

Most MLM companies and direct selling businesses rely on ‘recruitment’ to grow. This is not the case with Monat.

You’ll earn 30% of retail sales, regardless.

If some of your colleagues wish to come on board, then you’ll also benefit from their success, but there is no obligation or expectation to do so.

What about the current products I use?

You can continue to use and stock whatever you wish in your business, salon or home. There is no exclusivity with Monat. (Although you might decide to switch altogether!)

I need more info!!!

Yay!!! You’re my kind of hair geek!! Here’s a ton of info for you:

Firstly, Monat’s ingredient policy – here.

Clinical Studies (independent), commissioned by Monat after the failed class-action lawsuits; trials, articles and info:

Article here.

Clinical Studies here. Oh, and another one here.

Quick article by DeVerne Augustus here.

Monat Science Stuff Here.

I've read that Monat makes your hair fall out!

Yep, and I’ve read that Pantene did the same, so did Head and Shoulders and a ton of other brands.

Some clients (out of 14 million products sold in 2018) have possibly had sensitivities to the many ingredients.

Undoubtedly there have also been some unscrupulous sellers who haven’t had their clients’ best interests at heart. People who, rather than trouble-shooting and helping their clients, have just thrown other products at them.

That’s why it’s so important that professionals see the value in this brand.


I'm in!! What now?!

Yay!! Firstly, congrats on making the best bloody decision for your business ever!

Also, you need to sign up as a Market Partner.

Then join for either £99 or £199. I recommend £99, because you can upgrade later if you wish. 

It’s also less ‘risk’ and you get a ton of samples to try and share.

Then you absolutely need to contact me!! I’ll put you in my amazing group for exceptional women who have also made this leap. We have no dudes yet, so you might be the first!

Don’t get overwhelmed or worried at this point; you’ve made the most sensible business decision of your career, and we are all here to help you make it into a massive success!!