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Just when I thought I had covered everything about becoming a Monat Founder, at the Vegas Reunion (no, I didn’t get to go – all my of team was there though. Not. Jealous. At. All), Monat announced that they were going to be re-opening the US Founders’ Pool.

What is the Monat Founders’ Pool?

Founders are normally Monat Market Partners who joined within the first year of the company’s launch. In the UK, this is until the end of April 2019. They then have 12 months to build their business and reach a certain level in order to qualify as a Founder.

Founders will receive a share of 1% of the commissionable revenue of their country every quarter. I’ll be doing some research on this very very soon, and will let you all know exactly how much money Monat Founders can earn.

Other perks of being a Monat Founder

There are obviously other advantages of having reached that level with your MLM business. You will undoubtedly have a large downline, probably a wide customer base, and tons of experience with the products and excellent service.

In addition, Monat looks to its Founders for innovation, ideas and training. They get special perks, freebies and incentive trips. Founders are key in helping the company decide on its direction and momentum.

Update – Emerging Founders Pool 2019

So, here are all the details on what you need to do to become an Emerging Founder for Monat. Please note that this applies to only USA and Canadian residents. Here’s my post on the Monat EU Founders Pool.

Who is eligible to become a Monat Founder?

Any existing Market Partner in the USA or Canada, or any new Market Partner joining Monat before 31st December 2019.

How can I qualify for the Emerging Founders Pool?

Market Partners in the U.S. and Canada will qualify for the Pool and receive shares based on (a) their enrollment date and (b) achievement of the rank of Market Mentor or above as shown in the charts below.
Market Partners must be paid-as Market Mentor in the last month of each quarter in order to receive their payout for that quarter.

How can I become a Monat Founder if I joined before April 2019?

Existing Marketing Partners who enrolled prior to April 1, 2019 can earn shares in the Emerging Founders Pool based on their career rank as of March 31, 2019, as follows:

Monat Founder


So, just like the EU Founders Programme, you need to achieve the rank of Market Mentor by December 2019 at the latest in order to qualify as an Emerging Founder.



How can I become a Monat Founder if I join after April 2019?

You can reach Monat Founder status even if you’ve yet to join the company. In the UK, please see my post about the Monat EU Founder Pool, but for those in the USA or Canada, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Join Monat as a Market Partner with a Product Pack. 
  2. Contact me straight away and we’ll start planning your career
  3. Build your sales and your team by using the training I and my upline provide, using solid business strategies and focusing on customer care.
  4. Reach the rank of Market Mentor with 12 months of your joining date.

Can I join your team even if I’m in the USA or Canada?

Absolutely! In fact, you’ll get the best of both worlds, as my upline is in the USA and I’m in Europe. The beauty of this opportunity is that it’s open to everyone.

I’m interested in making money with Monat, but I don’t want to contact you…

Well we’ll probably have to talk at some point, but I do understand! Joining a network marketing business can be daunting, and also it can feel too big. I’m not your traditional MLM girl though, and as you’ve probably gathered, Monat is certainly not your traditional MLM.

Join my Goddess Haircare Team!!

Monat UK

We’re an international team, a friendly bunch and we’re all in this together.
Some of us are in it for to earn shares in a $500m company, some of us just want some extra grocery money, but we all achieve, we all support and we all care.
Find out more here (no pressure, just honesty and some wisdom from my team)

Monat Founder USA reopened for all Monat market partners

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