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Monat Founders…

So, you may have heard a lot about the Monat Founder Opportunity and wondered what’s it all about. In this post I’ll try to address some of the most pertinent questions and also give my own views.

What are Monat Founders?

Monat Founders are people who joined the company as Market Partners within the first year of Monat’s launch and reached a certain rank within their first 12 months.

Why is it important?

Well, in so many direct sales and MLM companies, people talk about a ‘ground floor opportunity’ and often to be honest, that just means that they’re got the chance to be on top of their pyramid (yes, I said the naughty word!!!!) and build their teams before anyone else.

Like with most things, Monat is different in this respect.

Joining Monat and gaining founder status means that you will get one share of 1% the Commissionable Revenue for that region. 

What is the Monat EU Founder’s Opportunity?

This is very similar to the US Founder’s opportunity. Monat Marker Partners in the UK who join before 30th April 2019 and reach the rank of Market Mentor within 12 months (which is totally doable – not easy-peasy, but doable) will get become an EU Founder.

What’s an EU Founder?

A Monat EU Founder is someone who meets the conditions above. They will receive one share of 1% of the commissionable revenue, not just for the UK, but for all of the EU.

In practice, this means that if there are 39 people who become Monat EU Founders, then they will all earn 1/39th of 1% of the commissionable revenue for the EU.

1/39th of 1%?! That does not sound like much…

I agree, until you see that in 2018, the estimated revenue for Monat in the US was $317m. I have yet to do some more digging on how much of that will be commissionable revenue, but even if it was 3%… let’s do some Maths…

3% of $317,000,000 = $9,510,000 (Commissionable Revenue)

1% of $9,510,000 = $95,100 (goes to Founder’s Pool)

1/39th of $95,100 = $2438 per quarter.

That might not the the millions that you were expecting, but for me, $10k a year for just having done something in the past ain’t bad!!!

OK…. How do I become an EU Founder if I’m in the USA?

There is a way…

  1. Join my team as a Market Partner
  2. Personally sponsor someone in the UK as a Market Partner
  3. Mentor, coach and train them to become a Market Mentor (the required rank)
  4. When they become an EU Founder so will you!

What’s the rank I need to hit, and how do I do it?

All direct selling companies have some hierarchical structure, and Monat is no different. I’m planning a blog post soon about the Monat UK Compensation plan, but for now I’ll keep it brief.

You need to hit a rank called Market Mentor. That means that you have a direct downline (ie people directly under you) of 4 people. In turn, 2 of them need to have their own teams under them. In total, there needs to be at least 20 people on your team, directly or indirectly, and they all need to be active (active means having a min volume in sales – roughly equivalent to around $200 or £120) in the same month to hit the rank. In addition, there are volume requirements to hit the rank.

It’s not easy, but it’s definitely not impossible either.

How Do I Find Out More?

You can get in touch with me either here, on my facebook page or though my Monat website. By now hopefully you know that I’m all about keeping it real, so there will be no pressure or BS.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Monat?

In the UK it’s currently £99 for a starter pack which gets you a load of admin and samples. This is what I bought, but to be honest it’s really not the most cost effective.

Your options are:

  1. £99 Starter Pack
  2. £199 for a range of products which includes the starter pack above
  3.  £99 Starter Pack and then upgrade later to another product pack.

Complete my hair quiz for recommendations or email me for some friendly non-salesy info!

Want some Monat Samples (with ZERO weirdness)?

If you’re in the US or Canada, they’ve now made it super-easy for you to request samples online. You can choose from several products and simply go ahead and order them! To do that, follow this link here. Order Monat samples in US or Canada.

In the meantime, I have set up a little system myself, which enables you to request samples in the UK quickly and easily. And I won’t make it weird!

Simply head over to my Monat Samples UK request form, complete the info and I’ll send them out in the post as soon as possible!!

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