Monat Founders Information 2019

You Can Still Earn EU Founders Shares In Monat!

There is so much Monat Founders information out there (and quite a few pages on this blog!), that I thought I would collate everything here, to make it less confusing.

If You Are In The USA/Canada Click Here For Monat Founders Information EU Market Partners Information On Becoming An EU Founder General Info On The Requirements Of Becoming A Monat Founder in 2019

In a nutshell, your can become a USA/Canada Founder through the emerging founders pool by joining up before Sept 30th 2019 (for 2 shares), or before Dec 31st 2019 (for one share), and reaching the rank of Market Mentor within a year of joining.

For EU members, you can become an EU Monat Founder by joining in pre-launch, before 7th Jan 2020 and either: reaching the rank of Market Mentor within 12 months if you are in Poland or Ireland; OR sponsoring a MP in Poland or Ireland who becomes an EU Founder.

If you’re in the UK, you can still become an EU Founder by reaching out to your friends in Ireland and Poland and sharing this incredible opportunity.