Monat Ireland Is In Pre-Launch!


What is Monat Ireland?

Monat Ireland will be the Irish launch of the global hair and skincare brand, Monat.

How can I find out more about Monat in Ireland?

You can attend one of the launch events by registering your interest in Monat Ireland here. You can also have a read of the information I have all around this website on the Monat business, Monat products and my own team.

The full information is available on the Monat Global Website too.


What exactly is Monat? Is it a pyramid scheme?

Haha!!! If I had a Euro for every time someone had said that!

No, Monat is not a pyramid scheme.

Monat is an anti-ageing hair care and skincare company, which sells its products through direct sales only. It’s a multi-level marketing company, and a very modern one.

Monat’s values and mission is one of the reasons that I am with them… and the products are amazing!

One of the leading Monat market partners in the USA, Sarah Hill, describes Monat as ‘a self-development journey… with a compensation plan attached’.

What is the pre-launch period for Monat Ireland?

So, right now Monat Ireland is in pre-launch. This means that we will be launching in Ireland on 8th January 2020, but you will be able to join as a Market Partner from November 1st, 2019.

During that period from November 1st until 8th January, you can share the products and opportunity with like-minded people. It’s even possible to rank up before we launch officially! (that is actually super exciting!)

How can I join Monat Ireland? And why should I?!

You can simply use this link to join Monat Ireland, and let me tell you why you should!!!

  1. The values of the company are amazing. Everything is driven by gratitude, giving back to our communities and creating opportunities for everyone.
  2. The Monat products are amazing. Some of them, I really didn’t want to like, but omg…
  3. The Monat compensation plan is fair, excellent and allows you to earn without having to build a team
  4. The products are vegan, cruelty-free, plant-based and at the cutting edge of science
  5. You’ll get me!!! A leader with 15 years’ experience in leading, mentoring and educating, my amazing team and an incredible girl-gang of no-BS, no-bitching women who all lead with their hearts (and in my case, wine)
  6. Oh, and you’ll get products at a fraction of the cost, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Forever.
What are the benefits of joining Monat Ireland in prelaunch?

Whilst we’re in pre-launch, you can’t sell any products, but you can build your team. This is excellent because sharing the products and opportunity is so easy when people know (and you know) that you’re not trying to foist some cheap crap on them. Not one to mince my words!

Also, by joining in pre-launch, you’ll get a head start on becoming a Monat EU Founder. This is a life-changing opportunity that will provide an income for you for the rest of your life, and that of your children too.

I have more questions!!

No problem! Feel free to email me, or catch me on Facebook to find out more.

I’m not a slimy spammy person; I’m totally genuine and wouldn’t have bothered to build this entire website if I wasn’t a serious businesswoman looking to build. I’d have just stalked you on facebook and sent you a spammy message!!

Countdown to Monat Ireland LAUNCH!

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