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Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we? I’m going to be doing a full analysis and explanation of the Monat Compensation plan very soon, but in the meantime I was appalled to see that the top hit on Google for “How to make money with Monat” and “How much can I earn with Monat” was completely factually incorrect. In this post, I’ll be discussing all of the above, the Monat average income and Monat sales.

Clearly whoever wrote the article couldn’t read the Monat Compensation Plan very well, (and I’ll be the first to admit that these aren’t always the clearest of things), but that means that there is info out there that is incorrect, and I want to rectify that.

Let’s be clear; how much you make selling Monat depends very much on how you run your business, how much work you put in and your Monat personal volume, but the Compensation Plan remains the same regardless.

How To Make Money With Monat?

The Monat Compensation Plan is not particularly complicated, however, as there are several ways to buy Monat, how much Monat Market Partners earn varies considerably.

All Monat Market Partners earn 30% on retail sales regardless of their Personal Volume.

Not the “7% and only then if you sell $200” nonsense that is floating around the internet.

So, let’s say I’m not really working the shampoo biz in July, but my friend still needs her Smoothing Shampoo… she’s a retail customer so she just hops online and orders. It doesn’t matter that I’ve been doing something else all month and haven’t made any sales etc –

I will still earn 30% of that sale.


How to make money with monat

Monat Average Income

So as an average income, the Monat opportunity and compensation plan is pretty generous.

If I have 6 clients who purchase shampoo and conditioner as retail customers in a month, that’s £120 roughly for me in commission alone.

That is literally a worked example and not a representative analysis or anything, BUT it’s a far cry from some of the Monat misinformation out there. (I’m not even going to link to that post lol!)

Monat average income, monat compensation plan

Monat Personal Volume and earnings

So, the only time that Personal Volume (ie the amount that an individual Monat Market Partner sells) is relevant is if you have a ‘downline’. If you’re familiar with Network Marketing then you’ll know what this means, but for those (like me) who had no clue when they first started, that means that there are other Monat reps or Market Partners below you. You’re their ‘sponsor’ or mentor so to speak.

If Rebecca comes to me and wants to join my team (which is a very smart idea btw!), I’ll train her, coach her, add her to my groups and work on her goals with her etc and I’ll earn a small commission from her sales but only if I have 200pv myself.

Monat Personal Volume and earnings


To stop spammers and recruiting network marketers who do not want to grow a long-term business.

I’ve mentioned this before, but basically I could go on a spree, talk 20 people into joining my business in one month (probably in a spammy-pushy kind of way), and I would rank up, earn a ton and then…. Tumbleweeds.

If I do not continue to grow my own Monat business, sell Monat or mentor and train my team, then it’s completely unethical.

It would be open to abuse if I were then able to continue earning money from my team without having to do any work myself.

As an ‘upline’ you need 200pv to earn from your downline. End of.

How Much Will I Earn Selling Monat?

It’s a total myth that the only way to make money with Monat is to grow a team.

That’s simply not true. At 30% retail commissions and 15% VIP commissions, you can easily grow a customer base without having to grow a team.

The nature of network marketing means that some companies really push for their reps to recruit. But with Monat it’s just not like that.

If you want to build a team, then the opportunity is there, and building a retirement or full-time income is going to be easier with a downline, but there is absolutely no requirement.

Try My Amazing(ly Simple) Monat Earnings Calculator!!

Commission Calculator Omni

About Those Average Monat Earnings…

So there are some average earnings knocking around online, and I want to make this clear – Monat is a very different kind of MLM.

There are NOT many companies that you can join just for the discount, and this is where Monat is different again.

When you join Monat as a Market Partner, you will then receive free shipping and 30% off all future purchases forever.

Monat’s products are high-ticket; they’re luxury, vegan and as such command a fairly high initial price-tag. Coupled with the fact that there is no minimum requirement to retain your Market Partner status and it’s a no-brainer for some people.

Rather than paying full retail price for products, or even joining as a VIP, many customers will join Monat as a Market Partner for the 30% with no intention to sell, because the product packs provide all the products they want, at an amazing price.

These non-selling Market Partners are still included in the ‘Monat average earnings’ posts that you can find online, but that’s why they aren’t accurate all the time.

I hope this has clarified a few of the myths about making money with Monat and the Monat Compensation Plan.

It’s not for everyone, but Monat is a fantastic opportunity for many entrepreneurs.

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Make money with Monat

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