Monat Reviews – let’s talk about the elephant in the room…

Monat Reviews

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I’m nothing if not honest.

Today I want to talk about reviews of Monat. And I’ve done my research and due diligence on this. You’ll get my honest opinion…

Monat Reviews

There have been negative Monat reviews. Some about the products, some about the service and even some class-action suits.

It’s important to note at this point that class action lawsuits are a matter of public record. To my knowledge they have been dismissed by all judges involved, but I don’t know enough about legal issues to go into those here. They are searchable online.

Monat Reviews About the Products

Amongst the negative reviews of Monat, I found something quite interesting… often there’s a sentence that says something like ‘the products are excellent but…‘ and then a customer goes on to talk about their negative customer service experiences or difficulties ordering and getting advice etc.

I’ll come onto that point in a moment, but let’s discuss the negative product reviews first.

Monat contains a huge number of ingredients; this is necessary in order to avoid the mass-produced traditional haircare ingredients like SLS (which I discuss here), non-soluble silicones and a plethora of ingredients put there for reasons that are not for the benefit of our hair’s health.

Is it likely that some people have sensitivities (or even allergies) to some of the ingredients? Undoubtedly. In fact, given the large number of ingredients I would say it’s more likely that with engineered ingredients.

When you specifically engineer a chemical ingredient for cosmetics, you have complete control over it; you can make it hypo-allergenic, a no-tears formula, something that will ‘restore’ shine. Control over natural ingredients anyone?! Wouldn’t that be the Holy Grail???

My son is allergic to penicillin. Does that make penicillin evil?! Does it mean that the Doctor who prescribed it terrible? Of course not. It means we need to find alternatives for him.

Let me make this clear, as a Market Partner, it is my responsibility to ensure that my clients have incredible experiences with Monat. Not just the products, but with me, the ordering system and recommendations. Otherwise, my business will not succeed.

It is a sad truth that not all Market Partners have shared in the past. I am sure that there have been people genuinely struggling, having been recommended products that weren’t suitable for them and having been told to ‘buy more’. Not on my watch. This is just ridiculous and one of the reasons that direct sales get such a bad name.

Product Recommendations

Another factor here is the appropriateness of the products recommended to customers. This is one of the main reasons that I prefer to work with haircare professionals. Pretty much anyone can join Monat as a Market Partner. I don’t disagree with the direct sales method, but does that mean that some people have joined with less than honourable intentions? Unfortunately, almost definitely.

Not every product will be appropriate for every person; I have had to trouble-shoot for myself. This doesn’t mean that I’ll jump on some random website and leave (my first-ever) review, not reply to the company when they reach out to me and join a hate-group online.

Golden Rules for a Positive Experience with Monat

  1. You must ensure that you have a Market Partner you trust. Someone you know will have your back and genuinely wants you to love the products as much as they do.
  2. ASK ASK ASK. Raise your hair concerns with your Market Partner. If they don’t know the answers to your problems, then they should find out in a timely manner.
  3. Ask to try different products. All of my VIP customers have full access to my entire stash of products and I am on hand for them anytime. You should not have to pay in order to find the right solution for you.
  4. Be open-minded. If anyone had told me that I needed a hydration shampoo I would have laughed in their ever-loving face. But that’s what worked for my scalp, and I would never have tried it without guidance.
  5. Be patient. If you have breakage, dull hair, long term frizz or any issues that took a while to develop, remember that these won’t resolve overnight. It’s shampoo, not magic.

Complete my hair quiz for recommendations or email me for some friendly non-salesy info!



Want some Monat Samples (with ZERO weirdness)?

If you’re in the US or Canada, they’ve now made it super-easy for you to request samples online. You can choose from several products and simply go ahead and order them! To do that, follow this link here. Order Monat samples in US or Canada.

In the meantime, I have set up a little system myself, which enables you to request samples in the UK quickly and easily. And I won’t make it weird!

Simply head over to my Monat Samples UK request form, complete the info and I’ll send them out in the post as soon as possible!!

If you’re a hair geek like me, then check out this clinical study report on Monat 

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Monat Reviews
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Monat Reviews
Monat has divided the haircare industry on both sides of the Atlantic. What's the truth?!

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