Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss regrowth

Postpartum Hair Loss – My Experience

So this is a thing, right?! It’s something that we don’t really like to talk about, but I have mentioned before what a key role hormones play in the health of our hair, and postpartum hair loss is no exception.

After 2 kids in 2 years, I didn’t really notice that I was losing hair. In fact, it totally took me by surprise that all of a sudden, my hairline was a little further back at the front – I had a full-on widow’s peak.

In fact, that area either side of the forehead is the most common area for postpartum hair loss in women.

What causes postpartum hair loss?

In short, it’s the mess that our bodies become after having kids. Remember the luscious locks during pregnancy? The way your hair didn’t fall out and was so thick? Yeah, me too…

Well after you’ve had the baby your body kind of gets its own back and the complete dump of hormones that happens interferes with your normal hair growth cycle.

The little bit of baby hair I’m showing in the pictures above – that is actually 4 years after my last pregnancy. I went through the baby-bangs stage, that grew quite well, but my widow’s peak was still there.


How can you regrow hair after postpartum hair loss?

There are a few things you can do to minimise you postpartum hair loss and to take care of the new hair coming through.

Healthy Diet

This is always important, but never more than when recovering from birth, pregnancy and taking care of a family. A diet rich in healthy proteins will help your body recover.

Ditch the heat and nasties

Direct heat on your hair will damage the existing hair. Your new hair growth is fragile, virgin hair. It’s never been dyed, chemically enhanced, changed or had harmful silicones on it. Treat your new hair (even ALL of your hair) like you would your baby’s; natural ingredients, free of sulfates and harmful silicones.

Look for natural products which promote hair growth

There are lots of new products and product lines which promote hair growth without resorting to chemicals and harmful ingredients. Check the labels! I got my results above using Monat’s Intense Repair Shampoo and the IR Treatment. The active ingredient in these products is Capixyl, a patented product and independently tested.

Make sure you wash regularly

The frequency with which you wash your hair has no impact on the rate of hair loss. It will, however, have an impact on how fast your new hair grows in. My first baby bangs came through OK, but wasn’t until I committed to a regime of using natural growth-promoting products that I saw quick and healthy results. I wash 3 times a week, even though my hair no longer feels dirty after 2/3 days, because my scalp needs hydration, and I want my hair to grow!

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Regrow postpartum hair loss naturally

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