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Monat UK Flash sale!!

As always, 30-day money back guarantee applies.


What on earth is a flash sale?

It's a sale that runs for 24-48 hours typically. Normally Monat run these and introduce new products, systems etc.

What can I expect from flash sales?

Normally products will be bundled together or you'll get a discount or free product.


What's in this flash sale?

Monat UK Flash Sale

Get A Complete System for £15!

Buy any system (£72 for a VIP or £60 for a MP) and add another system for only £15.

What will I pay?

If you're not yet a VIP, you'll pay £18 enrolment fee, plus £87 for this deal.

If you're an existing VIP, you'll pay £87 (that's your first system at £72 and another system for £15). (Please note that this cannot count as one of your flexships)

What?! £87 on SHAMPOO?!

Are you kidding me?! This is a freaking STEAL for incredible products which have been clinically proven to improve growth, hydration and combability, which should last you well past Autumn.

It's £87 for your healthy hair care needs for the next 6+ months, sulfate and silicone free, paraben free and natural products.

I'm possibly interested.... don't jump on me and sell sell sell!

Hahaaaa!! You won't get any of that here. We will probably have to have some contact though... but I won't make it weird.

  1. Take the hair quiz here
  2. Choose your products
  3. Either message me on facebook, or email at goddesshaircareuk@gmail.com
  4. You can enrol and sign up right away online if you wish here. Please do reach out if you have any questions though, it can be a bit confusing at first.

I want samples first!

Great! You'll probably miss this flash sale, but there are plenty more! If you're in the USA or Canada, click here for samples, if you're in the UK please get in touch.

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